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Coaching Services

My Coach

My Coach service offers a way for you to use your own training plan or system and still have the support and accountability from an experienced coach. Ideal if you have a structured plan or system but need more guidance to fill in the gaps in your current training. Also ideal if it's just the unbiased accountability and guidance piece you're in need of.

My Coach Plus takes the benefits of My Coach and adds in the use of the training system and plans. With access to the system you have the ability to use a 100% free Training Tilt account and access a library of information and plans. Monthly coaching webinars with a coach to discuss topics and give guidance on key topics for better training.

My Coach +

Pacer Team Member is a complete coaching package with an adaptable and personalized training plan, tools and resources to track progress, 1on1 coaching plus the additional items to provide a high quality experience including a 100% free Training Tilt account bi-weekly coaching sessions, month webinars and swim/run form analysis.

Pacer Team

Take a look and compare what each option has to offer...

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