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About Us

We understand endurance sports because we are also athlete’s and we continuously learn from each other. We have a wide range of experience levels and are excited to welcome many newer athletes to the club.

We believe every triathlete is have accessible, quality coaching to help you enhance your current skills or efficiency and to overcome limiters in your performance to help achieve your goals. As a result we feel our Vision and Mission are set to keep us focused on our purpose. 


To make triathlon coaching easily accessible to all new and aspiring triathletes.


We aim to inspire triathletes to a full and positive version of who they want to be, so that they can feel prepared and confident pursuing their goals. We do this by providing athlete-centric coaching to enhance any training program and to bring together a community of athletes to continuously grow the sport of triathlon. 

Our Story

My name is Lucas, as the the founder of Pacer Endurance Sports LLC I'm grateful and humbled you're here. I started out in triathlon as an age group competitor in short course. It all started as a dream of competing in Kona when I was a kid, however I always felt the sport of triathlon was unreachable outside of a highly skilled, type “A” personality athlete.

Above all else though, I’m a husband to my amazing wife and a father to my beautiful kids. Being a self coached athlete it has been hard at times knowing if what I am doing is working. One thing I was never willing to sacrifice was how my time in the sport impacted my family.

It was my wife who encouraged me to begin this journey to fulfill my dreams. After doing my first race, even though I finished last in my age group, I found triathlon was my calling in life and actually was within my reach. It inspired me to educate myself for self development and to increase my performance for my next race. I’ve spent a significant amount of time learning and educating myself in the sport in order  to achieve my goals and one day fulfill my dream of Kona. Since that first race I've been able to progress to multiple age group podium finishes, super sprint distance overall wins, and consistently finishing on average in the top 20% of my age group.


As a triathlete I know I would have gotten further, faster, with the help of a coach. I tried master classes and attended clinics, you name it, and I always felt a coach was just a little bit out of my reach. When searching, I found the majority of options out there start with a system. From there you purchase a training plan or subscription. Some had coach access by email for the duration of the plan or you needed to work with the only the coaches who used a particular systems they were are part of.


What has impacted me the most and what is driving the focus for my coaching is that people need a quality person who is there for them. I've found most people take an approach of finding a plan which they hope delivers the performance they would like to have but never get a coach to be accountable to, someone to guide, encourage, celebrate with and provide honest feedback.

The sport has evolved and has seen the expansion of AI into training plans and materials. It actually creates an amazing opportunity for coaches to do what they do best and that's to enhance the athletes skills and knowledge overall to deliver on their best performance.

As a result I wanted to give people and option to get coaching access and meet them where they are at. Pacer Endurance Sports was started to inspire people to a full and positive version of who they can be as triathletes. We provide individualized coaching to age group athletes wanting to get to their personal best results. We do this by providing accessible coaching services using easy to understand tools and resources to give an individualized experience.

Thank you and looking forward to working with you.


USA Triathlon Certified Coach

Specialized In:

Long Course 

Youth & Junior 


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