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The Pacer Endurance Sports Tri Club is a group of athletes who embody and demonstrate the mission of "Live Full & Be Positive". We hold ourselves to a high standard as we demonstrate our purpose with those around us.

What does it mean to be a part of the team?

The group is open for athletes of all levels of experience. Our club focuses on people and growing a community of athletes while positively impacting the world around us.


The opportunities given to members are: group training sessions across all aspects of the sport, group coaching discussions, group collaboration at local clinics, a team ready to cheer each other on, and more.

What is the engagement commitment of all club members?


We are all busy athletes but want to be a part of something more than just individually racing on our own. We are looking for athletes who will be actively engaged in the group while also recognizing everyone has other important commitments in their lives. 

  • Members are to participate in at least 8 team activities in the year (team races, training & coaching sessions, social connections or volunteering). Anywhere we have designated team representation. It's non monitored but driven to have a healthy commitment to participate within the club members.

  • All members must participate in one designated team race in the year.  (Racing if healthy or spectator team if necessary).

  • Represent Pacer Endurance Sports in each triathlon event you do by wearing club gear and logo. As a club member you will purchase a team tri kit to use and represent the club while competing in any triathlon event.

  • Following the club code of conduct provided to chosen applicants.

2024 Membership Cost?



Club Benefits

  • Community of positive and supportive athletes

  • Discount opportunities on race entry fees

  • Team Only Socials

  • Club Training Sessions 

  • Training Accountability Group

  • Swag

  • Official USA Triathlon Tri Club 

  • Official Ironman Tri Club

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Ready to Apply?


If you are interested in being a part of the Pacer Endurance Sports Tri Club, please fill out the form below. Applications need to be submitted by January 20, 2023.


If chosen you'll be notified by January 27, 2024. Membership dues will be done to Pacer Endurance Sports through an online link and done as a one time payment by January 20, 2024.

Currently only open to those around the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. If you are a Pacer Endurance Sports coached athlete, please feel free to reach out to me directly with your interest in being in the group.

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2024 Pacer Endurance Sports Tri Club Application

Thanks for applying!

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