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Welcome Triathletes!

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of your training and invest in YOU and your goals?

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Are you a triathlete whose time is important? Have you tried training on your own but are not seeing results?

My name is Lucas Brinks, I’m a USA Triathlon coach with over 6 years experience in triathlon and over a decade in business coaching. I understand what it is like being a busy professional with a family and life, while also trying to achieve my endurance goals.


    My passion is to help people achieve their goals and delivering their best performance.


You know your time is extremely valuable. You feel like you have looked through tons of resources, from videos, social media groups, and more and you're just hoping the things you've heard are right for you.  The trouble is that many places are still using the same methods from many years ago. You feel overwhelmed and are not confident your spending your valuable time doing the right things to get to your best performance. Honestly the biggest problem preventing you from reaching your goals is that you don’t have the time, capacity or accountability to waste time trying to figure it out. What you really want is to show up, do your training and feel great about maximizing your time and effort without the hassle or guesswork. The reality is that self coaching is difficult and the hard truth is you may never reach your full potential.


The reason is you're not optimizing your training to get the most from your efforts and support from a coach to elevate you.


Self coaching also misses the honest accountability you need to keep you on track to your goals. Ask this, what gives you the confidence that what you are doing today is the what's best for you to achieve your goals? In order to do self guided training you would need to build your own plan or purchase a pre build plan to structure yourself from. The truth is you're likely to limit yourself right away as they are not adaptable to you as an individual and your needs. Self coaching requires you to know what to change, how to change it, and when to change it to make sure you stay on track to progress.


There are too many people who get discouraged and either fail to accomplish their goals, get injured in the process, or give up altogether thinking they are not good enough to reach their goals.


There is a BETTER WAY! One which will solve your problems and help you go further, faster...

...welcome to Pacer Endurance Sports!

Becoming a "Pacer Team Member" will help you...

Get intentional quality training without wasted time or effort...

Grow your knowledge and confidence as a triathlete...

Improve your training and reach your best performance...

Succeed as an athlete by reaching your triathlon goals...

Receive the support and accountability from a coach to guide you further, faster.

You're dreams and goals are to important to waste both your time and energy, so if...

YOU NEED a coaching platform that takes the guesswork from self training to make you better, faster....

YOU WANT enhanced training without the need to do additional research to know what is ideal for you as an individual athlete..

YOU DESERVE trustworthy guidance and accountability by a coach who cares and wants to see you succeed...

"I've had the privilege of being coached by Lucas and he unlocked so much potential I didn't even know I had. Amazing opportunity..."

Tiffany R.

Join Now - Spots Are Limited!

You'll be happy you did, become a "Pacer Team Member" TODAY!

As a Pacer Team Member you will have access to:

Personal Training Plan

Simple and easy training plans structured for you based on your personal needs and goals. Having a plan designed for you helps take away the guesswork and makes showing up each day to do the work much easier.

Tools & Resources

Training and racing goes beyond just swim, bike, and run. The tools and resources built into the training system are designed to get you ready for a complete performance, beyond just the physical endurance.

1on1 Coaching

Accountability is key and having a coach with experience to guide you on your specific needs will help you get to your goals. Having someone in your corner who is excited to see you succeed on your dreams.

You'll also get these EXTRA's to keep you motivated and on track to go further, faster...

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A 100% free program account. You will have access on your computer as well as an on your phone with the app. Through this you will have your training sessions, calculators, tracking workouts, and data while also being able to provide and receive feedback from your coach.


You'll be in contact with your coach by chat, email or through a Zoom meeting. You'll be able to get questions answered, review any adjustments to plans, emphasis focus areas for the next week and keep encouraging you along the way.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If "Pacer Endurance Sports Coaching" doesn't help you Focus on training and eliminating the guesswork... if it doesn't Increase your self-confidence as an endurance athlete... or if it fails to Improve your training and race day performance... then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your triathlon and run coaching results!

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